Fall musings and the future of FFLC

Summer sure did seem to fly by didn’t it? I’m sitting at my desk and the temperature outside is a cool 12.8 degrees Celsius. Wood burning season is just around the corner.

I’d like to start off by letting everyone know that now that I am finished with work on the dock I will be dedicating more time to archiving lookout towers. I plan on adding at least a couple per day. Remember, if you would like to contribute to the archive, please consider creating an account to start adding lookouts. Please remember to cite all information references and photos to the original creators, if possible.

I’d like to really try and get this website off the ground this winter and educate the public on the history, preservation and importance of forest fire lookouts. I want to build a community of enthusiasts and lookouts, past and present.

I’ll be back with an update later this week.



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