The portage is traversable by truck or all terrain vehicles. The road was cleared by the Ministry of Natural Resources and traverses the patented west-end claims of the Lock Erne group on route to an abandoned fire tower south of the property. Truck haulage and rubber-tire tractor roads leading from the Inco road, some three miles to the east, reach a point about midway down Loch Erne about one-half mile south of the lake. A north branch from these roads follows the east boundary of the claim group, and then swings westward to a point within about one-half mile of patented claims IB 24440 and TB 24438. Following further bush work from these roads, they may be readily upgraded for truck transportation.

Note from submission:

"I spent an hour finding this. It may not be the exact coordinates, but it's the right hill, I'm confident of that."


Ontario P0T, Canada

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