Loch Erne Fire Tower

Thunder Bay, ON, Canada


Lookout details

The portage is traversable by truck or all terrain vehicles. The road was cleared by the Ministry of Natural Resources and traverses the patented west-end claims of the Lock Erne group on route to an abandoned fire tower south of the property. Truck haulage and rubber-tire tractor roads leading from the Inco road, some three miles to the east, reach a point about midway down Loch Erne about one-half mile south of the lake. A north branch from these roads follows the east boundary of the claim group, and then swings westward to a point within about one-half mile of patented claims IB 24440 and TB 24438. Following further bush work from these roads, they may be readily upgraded for truck transportation.


Location and directions

  • Latitude
  • 48.60607
  • Longitude
  • -90.36954
  • Elevation
  • 490 m
  • Access
  • Backcountry, Off-road, Off-trail, Snow



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Trip reports

  • Registry ID
  • 11497
  • Date registered
  • November 12, 2022
  • Region
  • Ontario
  • Build date
  • Not applicable
  • Operator
  • Not applicable
  • Status
  • Abandoned
  • Submitted by
  • Firelookout.ca

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