Ishpatina Fire Tower

Greater Sudbury, ON, Canada

Lookout details

An abandoned fire tower often referred to as the Ellis Tower, is still standing on the highest section of the Ridge (left). The original tower was an 80 ft structure erected in 1930. The successor, currently standing, is 100 ft high and was abandoned in the 1960s. The tower man would have resided in a cabin on the shore of Scarecrow Lake and would have hiked a 3.5 km trail daily taking approximately two hours to summit and a little over one hour to descend again.

Location and directions

  • Latitude
  • 47.31692
  • Longitude
  • -80.74936

Trip reports

  • Registry ID
  • 9936
  • Date registered
  • November 5, 2022
  • Region
  • Central, Ontario
  • Build date
  • Not applicable
  • Status
  • Non-active
  • Submitted by
  • Chad Henry

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