Saunders Lake Fire Tower

Algoma District, ON, Canada

Lookout details

This tower is in incredibly good shape, including the Cupola.  It is also one of the last Fire Lookout Towers to be constructed in the Algoma District.  There is a 1 km trail heading west from Saunders Lake to the tower. 


There is also a Geodetic on the hill, however, we were not able to locate it, due to many leaves and brush on the ground.  The former tower man cabin is on the North-West shore of the lake, on a point.  The hike to the tower from the main road is considered ‘easy’ with only a gradual grade heading upward.

Location and directions

  • Latitude
  • 46.58437
  • Longitude
  • -83.53745

Trip reports

  • Registry ID
  • 9921
  • Date registered
  • November 5, 2022
  • Region
  • Central, Ontario
  • Build date
  • Not applicable
  • Status
  • Non-active
  • Submitted by
  • Chad Henry

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