British Columbia

Some of the last lookouts to be installed in the BC fire detection network were in the Lower Post Ranger District in 1977. Four buildings were prefabricated at the Forest Service’s carpenter shop in Smithers, the components trucked to Lower Post, then hauled on a pickup to sites on HW37 where they could be air lifted by a Bell 206 Jet Ranger to their final destination. The exception was the components for Sister Mary Lookout, which were flown by Otter from Watson Lake, landed on the ice at McBride River, and hauled to shore by snowmobile, before being heli-lifted to the mountaintop in the spring. During construction, the crew lived on-site in a Boler trailer, also delivered by the Jet Ranger. One Ace (southwest of Lower Post), **McLeod **(west side of Dease Lake), Cascade (near Kinaskan Lake), and **Sister Mary **(north of the Stikine River) all started operation that year.

One Ace Lookout